Tux Commander is an open source file manager with two panels linked to GTK2. It was developed based on Borland Kylix 3 Open Edition. The main goal of this project is to make a powerful and handy file manager for Linux. Its functionality is similar to the Total Commander application. The project includes the binding of Pascal and Borland Kylix. The developer offers users to try a package of features that are linked to Kylix. Tuxcmd has independent external libraries. Therefore, if you want to download the official version of Tux Commander free, we suggest clicking on the link to install the program further.

Tux Commander runs exclusively on Linux.

Features and characteristics

  • interface with quick access to the necessary tabs;
  • the panel is easily customizable so that the user can connect to a network share and other tabs without problems;
  • the interface is available in different languages;
  • basic VFS feature is supported, with which you can browse file archives and the network environment;
  • plugin support;
  • full independence with support for dynamic loading from libraries;
  • association-based file extensions.

Program plugins

In order for Tux Commander to work in accordance with the declared functions of the developer, you must in addition pay attention to the plugins, of which there are four, namely:

  1. GFVC - allows seamless access to network resources, Bluetooth devices, camera and portable player.
  2. ZIP - uses a library of archived files for stable and constant use.
  3. UNRAR - is based on the original sources with Copyright.
  4. Libarchive - uses its own library with Copyright. The plugin can be built in a single module or use the system's shared libraries.

Download Tux Commander

To install the program on your Linux-based device, you need to make a few clicks. First, you choose the file to download, according to the size of your device. Then the file will appear in your browser's download. Then you click on it again to complete the installation. You do everything according to the instructions that appear during the installation transition.


Tux Commander is a handy file manager running on the Linux operating system. With user accessible modules such as libraries and archived files.